1. people are created for intimacy with God and we will provide teaching and opportunity to practice this belief.
  2. prayer and Bible study are foundational for every believer individually and corporately and we  will promote this mindset to believers
  3. Missions is the “heartbeat” of God and integral for the growth and development of our congregation
  4. in teaching about finances including tithing, offerings and accountability as well as being accountable to those who support this church
  5. emotional health is critical to being able to develop intimacy with God and each other, therefore we will provide the necessary tools and resources
  6. evangelism and outreach are vital and are the responsibility of each believer individually and our church corporately
  7. in encouraging believers to incorporate worship and prophetic ministry into their everyday life and carry into our church’s corporate meetings
  8. in equipping all ages to carry “the Kingdom of God” and provide opportunities to apply this belief practically
  9. each believer is responsible to encourage one another to fulfill his/her individual destiny as well as the vision of the church
  10. we are “His Hands Extended” to all people including the poor, widows and orphans